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What to eat before soccer for the best physical and mental health

Thu, 30/05/2024 - 12:25

Soccer is one of the fastest expending sports. Therefore, if you do not prepare well, there is a high possibility that you will not play fully. So what to eat before soccer the best physical and mental game? In this article, Ole Sport TV will tell you.

Why should you eat before playing football?

Before telling you what to eat before soccer  for the best fitness. First, Olesport TV will state why it is advisable to eat before any football match. Eating before the game is quite important, because it helps you get a reserve of energy. Thereby can be used during the match in the best way. In addition, the purpose of eating before the game also helps you with the following:

  • As you know, a football match usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Running during competition can deplete you of glycogen. This makes your muscle fibers completely empty, so there is no more energy to move
  • Because of the lack of energy, you will not be able to run from the middle of the match onwards. This will put your team at a disadvantage.

Because of this, you should eat before the match starts. However, not everyone can eat whatever they want. But you have to eat sensibly, then you can compete effectively.

What to eat before soccer game for the best physical and mental

For the best mental comfort and fitness. To help me play a full football match, you should eat the following foods:

Starchy foods

  • Starch is the leading source of energy today. Because when we consume starch, they will be stored as glycogen, giving you more energy
  • That's why before participating in a football match, you should also eat a little starch. But choose foods that are easy to digest like cereals, breads, energy bars, electrolyte drinks, etc.

Protein Supplements

  • In addition to starchy foods, you should also eat protein-containing foods. Because protein will help restore your muscles after competition
  • The best sources of protein today can be mentioned as eggs, fish, chicken, synthetic whey protein,..

Note: The best time to eat before a competition is 2 to 3 hours. As for foods like whey or electrolyte water, you should use 30 minutes before. Let your body absorb the best.

Foods to avoid before a competition

Also let me know what to eat before soccer. Website Ole Sport TV also shares foods that you need to avoid. To have the best physical and mental resources.

Food containing fat

You should not use foods containing a lot of fat before playing football. Because these foods can make you feel heavy and not perform well. Popular fat-containing foods today can be mentioned as coconut, butter, fried foods, ..

Fiber foods

Before playing football, you should also not eat foods containing fiber, such as cassava, salad, vegetables, .. Because this is foods have a rather slow digestion time, so they will make you feel heavy for a long time.

So with this article, Olesport.TV told you what to eat before soccer game. For you to have the best physical and psychological resources before participating in any football match. In addition, we also offer foods that you should not use. If you do not want to be adversely affected when playing football.

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