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Olesport TV is an online football website operating with the motto of giving users the best experience. That's why we provide a lot of different services, of course these are pretty good.

So, if you are using the services here and have problems or discover any problems with the website. You can contact Ole Sport TV immediately, let our technicians fix it immediately.


Contacts us - Olesport TV

If you are a bookie or an organization that wants to put a banner on the main website of Olesport.TV, you can contact us immediately. So that we can cooperate together, help both develop more. How to contact, you will know the details below.

Ole Sport TV website contact information

Currently, to contact Olesport TV Live Football, you can use it in many different ways. Each method will have its own advantages, so you can choose the method that suits you best. Specifically, the ways to contact us are:

Contact via Email

This is the most popular way to contact Ole Sport TV today. When you just need to email out your problems. Then send it to the Email of Olesport TV to be resolved by us. The email address we have updated on the homepage of the website. So you can know easily.

Advantage of contacting by Email:

  • The method is quite simple, because almost everyone knows how to use Email
  • Of course it's free

Disadvantage when contacting by Email:

  • We will check Email at fixed hours every day. So sometimes it takes a long time for you to get an answer. However, the answer is always sent to you within the same day, so you can rest assured

Contact via phone

Direct phone is also one way you can contact Olesport.TV. This is how many people still use it. Because you can solve your problem as quickly as possible. We also update the phone number on the homepage. So you can get and contact Olesport TV Live Football whenever you have any problems.

Advantage of contacting by phone number:

  • You can get an immediate response, by Oles Sport TV There is a 24-hour switchboard operator
  • Your problem will also be solved immediately, just You raise your issue and our staff will find a solution extremely quickly

Disadvantage when contacting by phone number:

  • When contacting Ole Sport TV by phone, you must call charges. So the longer your problem, the more money you will pay.

Contact via Fanpage

Currently is the era of social networks, when families and users all use social networks. Of course, a leading online football website like Olesport TV also has its Fanpage. Therefore, you can also contact us through this form if you have any problems that need to be resolved. Information on our Fanpage is also public for everyone to know on the homepage.

Advantages of contacting via Fanpage:

  • You can relate in a very simple way, because almost Everyone uses social networks like Facebook, Zalo
  • These methods also cost nothing, as long as you get the document Your account is ok to text us

Disadvantage of contacting through Fanpage:

  • Every day, Olesport TV Live Football receives a lot of waiting messages via Fanpage. So we have to check each message and deal with each person. So the time must also be longer.

Other social media contact

In addition to Facebook Fanpage, Olesport TV Live Soccer also uses many other social networks. Examples are Telegram, Zalo,… So you can also contact us through these social networks. Contact information, Olesport.TV is also updated for everyone to know. Help you find our social networks easily.

Advantages of contacting through social networks:

  • You can contact us anytime and it's super simple< /span>
  • The cost is also zero, because you only need to register for an account. contactable

Disadvantage of contacting through social networks:

  • Response time will be a bit long, because every day we have to pay the words of many different users.

Contact via Chatbox

Another pretty simple way for you to contact Olesport TV, that is through Chatbox. Right on the homepage, you will be provided with a Chatbox tool, to contact us. Therefore, when there is any problem you can use this form.

Advantage of contacting through Chatbox:

  • The method is extremely simple, when you just need to visit the page Owner is shareable
  • Of course this method is also completely free for you to use< /span>

Disadvantage of contacting via Chatbox:

  • This is a form that a lot of people use, so Olesport TV Live Soccer has to answer quite a lot every day. So those who contact first will get a response first. If you contact me later, the waiting time will be longer.

Instances where Olesport.TV responds to users

Of course, not all users who contact us will receive a response. But Olesport.TV only responds in the following cases:

  • If the user needs help with access problems, Our website is hacked by hackers
  • User questions related to football betting, projection Predict results, football information,….
  • Users with football knowledge as well as experience in betting dealers. Want to become our collaborator to grow together
  • Users who contribute good ideas and want to build the site
    Olesport TV Live Soccer becoming better
  • Bookmakers, organizations want to put banners on our website to promote the brand for the house or your company
  • Football commentators want to collaborate with us to become the official BLV in the matches broadcast here.

Instances where Olesport.TV does not respond

When falling into the following cases, we reserve the right to refuse to reply to users:

  • Have questions unrelated to football, betting
  • Users have vulgar, offensive words to our employees Oles Sport TV
  • Reprimands, complaints about matches, predictions of Olesport TV Live Soccer. Because we provide bets, pre-match predictions and forewarn that users should only refer. We do not guarantee absolute accuracy, so when using the user must be completely responsible
  • Reflections that are not handled by the Oles Sport admin TV, eg game time, line-up,…

The above are the forms that you can contact Olesport TV. You can see that you can use a lot of different formulas that are extremely simple. In addition, before contacting us, you need to ask the right question. Because Oles Sport TV will not respond to users who have questions, unrelated questions.

Full contact information:





Address: 239 Hadley St, Merriam, KS 66202, United States.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +15597124923

Thank you very much!