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Privacy Policy

Olesport TV was built by top live soccer experts. That's why we always uphold the privacy of our users. So when using the services of Olesports TV, you will never be afraid of your personal information being exposed. Below are the privacy policies, Olesport TV Live Football applies which you should refer to.

Copyright issues

Website Olesport TV never arbitrarily broadcasts any football matches or programs on its website. But we will get direct links to football, programs from reputable, quality and copyrighted sources. So that users can watch their favorite football matches in the best way.


Privacy Policy - Olesport.TV

Football links, highlight videos, football videos are all extremely scientifically searched and arranged by us. For users to be able to find programs, football matches they like quickly and simply.

Olesport TV Live Football also respects the copyrights of all parties. Therefore, all the content we share here is fully copyrighted. However, the content that users share, Olesport TV is not certain. So, if you find any content infringing copyright, you can contact us to find the best solution.

Personal Privacy

Olesport.TV always wants the best user experience. Therefore, all personal information of users is collected by us, not too deeply. So you can rest assured that your information will be guaranteed the highest safety when used. services here.

Olesport TV Live Football also advises users not to leave comments containing their personal information. Because comments will be open to everyone to see. So your personal information may also be exposed. Of course, Ole Sport TV will also not be responsible if you fall into this situation.

We also strictly prohibit all users from posting harmful, depraved, reactionary information or infiltrating data about destroying the Ole Sport TV website. If detected, users will be blocked from accessing immediately. More powerfully, we will resort to legal intervention.

About security

All links to watch live football of Olesport TV Live Football are extremely modern technicalized. So there will never be a link infected with malicious code or a virus. Therefore, you can rest assured when watching your favorite matches here without fear of damage to your device.

All updated football information on Olesport TV Live Soccer is also taken from reputable sources. Time is extremely fast, because we have a football update department working 24/24. So you can always see the fastest and most accurate football information here.

When using the services at Olesport TV Live Soccer which encountered any problems or problems. You can contact Olesport.TV directly for immediate resolution. As we have a customer service department working 24/7 to solve user problems.

All privacy policies of Ole Sport TV can be changed at any time without prior notice to the user. Therefore, you must also regularly review our privacy policy, in order to use our services in the best way.


Now, Olesport TV Live Soccer is working as a non-profit. This means that users will use the entire service here for free at any time. Olesport TV gets its revenue to maintain the website from banner ads placed on the homepage.

These banners are mainly the leading online football bookmakers. Which we have reviewed very carefully before cooperating. So, if you are in need of betting, you can choose one of these bookies. And if you also find it annoying, you can turn it off quite simply.

When watching live football at Ole Sport TV, sometimes you will also encounter ads. However, this ad was introduced by our editors. So it only takes very little time and does not affect the process of watching the game. Because this is the only source of income that keeps our website running. So also ask for your understanding, if you feel that you are bothered.


When accessing Olesport TV, you will see that our website is designed quite scientifically. When divided into many different items. Each item will be a service that everyone can use in the simplest way. The current services provided by Olesport TV Live Football are:

  • Football news: Summary of all the latest football news best of the day, from domestic to international football
  • Fitness schedule: Summary of the entire match schedule for the day, calendar competition from top soccer leagues to grass league
  • Leaderboard: We update the rankings for all regions The most exciting football tournament today. Tell you how your favorite football team's performance is
  • Football results: All recent football matches played Out are also updated with full results by Ole Sport TV. In particular, we also provide highlight videos for you to review
  • Strategy: All matches played on the same day, regardless Whether it's in a big or small tournament, it's okay Olesport TV update the dealer's table. In the rafters table, full information as well as absolute accuracy is always absolute
  • Livescore: We also provide a Livescore app, for you can use and view house odds, live scores,.. fastest and most accurate.

In addition to the above services, most people come to us to watch live football. Because Olesport.TV is the best quality free football broadcasting website today. Specifically as follows:

  • Olesport TV is linking to broadcast all tournaments live top football in the world, for example English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, C1 Cup,.. to domestic leagues
  • Top soccer broadcast channels like K+, VTV,.. also we are quite completely direct. Allows you to watch your favorite matches here without paying
  • When watching football at Ole Sport TV you will have a different experience. What to watch on TV with high screen resolution. Because the image in the game always has a resolution of HD or higher, the sound is also quite realistic and the screen size is standard
  • Olesport TV Live Football is also using a modern P2P transmission technology platform. Help the game take place without jerks, freezes or diss viewers. Instead, the speed is always smooth and steady
  • We are still hiring the top bloggers in the world, to help our clients. The match broadcast here increases the attractiveness a lot
  • Also, although there is no user fee, Olesport.TV rarely inserts ads when the match has started. So you're never afraid of being interrupted while you're watching your favorite match.

Olesport TV's responsibility to users

When accessing the Olesport.TV website to use the services. You will receive absolute information security from us. In addition, Olesport TV Live Soccer has the following responsibilities:

  • Ole Sport TV must provide you with the best service and safety most complete
  • Your problems and questions will also be resolved by us. fast and efficient
  • Your contributions to the site are also acknowledged to help Ole Sport TV keeps growing
  • If our website has any errors or violates the copyright rights, Ole Sport TV will fix it immediately
  • We also improve our quality more and more, to help you get the best experience when using the service here.

Olesport TV User Responsibility

Of course, when we have a responsibility to the user. So that the two sides can cooperate with each other in the best way. Users must also be responsible for their own, when using the services here. User responsibility for Olesport TV Live Soccer is:

  • Users must not post obscene, reactionary or offensive information the virus damaged the system of Olesport.TV
  • Before posting any football information on the website, users should also check again. To know if that information is accurate and also infringes copyright
  • Users also must not steal any of our data to upload to other football websites without the permission of Olesport TV
  • If you see the information at the Olesport website. Useful TV, users should share to let more people know
  • Users should also not reveal any of their personal information to me through the form of chat, comment. Olesport TV Live Soccer will not bear any responsibility for this.

The above is the privacy policy of the live football website Olesport TV. It can be seen that, when using the services here. The user's information will be extremely well protected, so there will be no personal information leaking out. In addition, we also always try to provide users with the best services. To help users have a better experience when accessing Olesport TV Live Soccer.