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About Us

History of Olesports TV

Now, The acquisition of broadcasting rights to major international tournaments is still very limited. The only unit that can acquire the broadcasting rights of international tournaments has only a few TV channels with strong economic potential.

But to be able to watch football on K+, you have to pay a fee. This makes it difficult for a large number of fans to follow regularly.

Olesports TV was born as the perfect solution for football fans. Here, anyone can watch live football matches both at home and abroad for free.

Purpose of birth of Olesports TV

Olesport TV is a football live streaming address on the internet platform, the purpose of which is to meet all the needs of fans, to help readers watch many matches within the framework of major domestic and foreign tournaments and information. Other interesting football-related things like standings, fixtures, football results, and the latest football news along with expert opinions and predictions on upcoming matches . . Currently, Olesport TV works completely free of charge, the web system is compatible with all operating systems. That means you can access this website anytime, anywhere, watch any football match without worrying about anything or paying any cost.


About Us - Olesport.TV

Not only provide a solution to watch live football for free, but we also bring great experiences to customers on a technologically superior platform. Olesports TV's website system uses high technology to help readers watch live football with links of sharp quality, full HD standard, and an unlimited number of viewers. Anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy your favorite matches as long as you have a device connected to the network.

The content offered at Olesports TV

Watch live football in HD for free

The first and most important reason for the audience to choose Olesports TV is to watch football for free. To watch international football matches, you have to pay for K+. But there are still a lot of people who can't afford to pay for passion. So people choose to watch Olesports TV save money

Link Olesports TV direct high-speed line and sharp image

Staggering, lagging, blurry images are problems a lot of online websites face. But, Olesports TV has overcome this limitation. Even if many people are accessing it at the same time, you can still watch online comfortably at Olesports TV live without worrying about lag or lag.

The picture quality is always full HD, giving the audience the most authentic experience.

Simple operation

Information technology has only really blossomed in recent times. A lot of fans from previous generations still have a hard time keeping up with modern technology.

No need to download complicated apps and settings, Olesports TV has integrated to give everyone the simplest interface. All information is organized into a system that can be used by all ages.

Along with that, watching football Olesports TV is compatible and can run smoothly on all smart devices such as phones, tablets, laptops... just an internet connection.

Information is complete and constantly updated

All the tournaments people are interested in can be found here. From the Premier League, you can only watch it on K+, the Bundesliga - Germany, Serie A - Italy or La Liga - Spain, Champions League ... Or small domestic tournaments such as women's football, UEFA, national cup country, U19 ball, U21 ball, national football team...

All information about the match schedule, participating lineups, player information... are constantly updated and guaranteed to be highly accurate.

All Olesports TV links to watch live football are updated 10-15 minutes before the ball kicks off. You will not miss any thrilling moments of the ball game.

There is a professional comment section

All Olesports TV matches are professionally commented in English. With a humorous but still professional style, Olesports TV always tries to let viewers follow the game closely but still feel the most comfortable.

The tournaments that Olesports TV is broadcasting

Olesports TV is a channel that owns many international tournaments such as Europe, Germany, Italy, etc. Here is a list of outstanding tournaments at Olesports TV:

  • UEFA Champions League – C1 Cup: The tournament for the strongest teams in Europe.
  • Premier League – English Premier League: This is the highest level tournament in the English football league system, and is the main tournament in the national competition system, where big teams and superstars converge. top soccer in the world
  • Serie A – Italian Football League: is the highest professional club level league in the Italian football league system and has been active for more than 80 years.
  • La Liga – Spanish football league: is the highest professional football tournament for men in the football league system in Spain.
  • Bundesliga – German National Football League: The top-level league of German football.
  • World Cup – World Football Championship: This is the most attractive football tournament on the planet today.

In the leading tournaments in Asia today such as Seagame, Aff Cup, U23, V-League Asia..., the English, Spanish... national football team has left the best impression, playing very dramatically. calculating and attractive in each match.

Good and attractive international friendly tournaments that the English, Spanish... team attends. Or tournaments with the participation of big teams and stars in the world today.

Instructions on how to watch live football at Olesports TV

It is very easy for you to watch live football on the Olesports TV channel. You just need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Make sure your phone is "stretched" on 3G, 4G, 5G, or Wifi.

Step 2: Type “Olesports TV” in your browser search engine (can be Google Chrome, FireFox…)

Step 3: Visit the homepage of Olesports.TV and select the match you want to watch.

So you can watch the top matches on Olesports TV.

What should you pay attention to when watching football online on live Olesports TV?

If for various reasons the link to watch the match live is broken, do not rush to exit the channel. Watch football online at Olesports TV What should you pay attention to?

If for various reasons the link to watch the match live is broken, do not rush to exit the channel. Olesports TV Live Soccer Scores has prepared a lot of backup links below, you just need to visit one of them and continue watching the match.

Another note is the problem of advertising. This is always a sensitive issue that cannot be eliminated. When watching the ball live and accidentally inserted into the content by ads, please wait a few seconds to turn it off.


Online football is more and more popular with fans. There is no need to spend money to watch high-class matches anymore. Now, with Olesports TV, your passion for football is easy to satisfy. Do not hesitate to visit the website of Olesports TV immediately so as not to miss the upcoming exciting matches.