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How to choose soccer shoes that suit you best

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 18:49

You're new to playing football. So if you don't know how to choose soccer shoes that are right for you, check out the article below from Because we will show you how to choose the best shoes.

How to choose the most suitable soccer shoes

How to choose soccer cleats based on position

Depending on your position on the field, you will choose the right shoes, specifically as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: You need to choose a pair of shoes to be able to move flexibly in tight spaces. So a pair of spiked shoes is definitely quite suitable. In addition, you can also choose shoes to help you hit the ball easily
  • Defender: Defenders are usually the most tackles on the pitch, so choose a sturdy pair of shoes
  • Midfielder: This is the position that moves the most on the field, so choose a comfortable shoe. Help me to move and pass in the best way
  • Striker: Please choose a shoe that will give you the best kicking feeling.

Depending on the position you play, you will choose the right shoes

How to choose soccer shoes against the ground

Depending on the playing surface, you should also choose the right shoes. Because that will help you play a lot better.

  • Firm Ground: This shoe uses natural turf surfaces and is not watered regularly
  • Soft Ground sole: For natural grass surfaces but regularly watered to soften
  • Artificial Grass Sole: Suitable for use on artificial turf
  • Turf sole: Used for artificial turf surfaces with not much thickness
  • Indoor sole: Suitable for indoor turf

How to choose soccer cleats based on foot width

When choosing soccer shoes, you should also pay attention to the width of your feet. Because each type of shoe has a different width. So you have to choose the right shoes according to the following width:

  • Please choose shoes with a comfortable fit, should not be too wide or too tight
  • Do not choose shoes that are tight and think they will stretch when playing. Because not all materials have elasticity
  • Should choose shoes with natural leather material, because the elasticity will be better.

You should also choose shoes that match the width of your feet

How to choose soccer shoes based on size

To choose the best soccer shoes, you must also know your foot size. Because if you choose the wrong shoe size, it will greatly affect your competition.

  • You should choose shoes with a sufficient distance from the toe to the toe. Make it neither too short nor too long
  • When you put your shoes on, you should feel comfortable and the toe should be able to move a little
  • Best, play a few matches to see how your feet feel. If it doesn't feel right, exchange it for another pair, if the store allows it.

Through this article, showed you how to choose soccer shoes that are best for you. Which you should refer to, to choose the shoes to help you play the best football matches.

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