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Copyright of Olesport TV website

Olesport TV always respects the copyright policies of the parties. Therefore, all of our content is fully copyrighted. From the information to the football tournament that we live in. However, there is user-contributed content, which Ole Sport TV cannot control. That's why, sometimes it gets copyrighted by 3rd parties. But just notify us and we will immediately remove it. Here is the Olesport.TV copyright policy that you should be aware of.

Ole Sport TV Copyright Policy

Website Olesport.TV has always been in compliance with the law since its operation until now. That's why we have a pretty strict copyright law. When all the information is posted by us, from news, results, house betting table, match schedule,… always copyrighted.


Copyright of Olesport TV

In addition, the football tournaments we broadcast, from domestic to international, have been fully copyrighted by Ole Sport TV. So the quality of the matches that Olesport.TV broadcasts is also extremely high.

However, for user-contributed content, OleSport TV has reviewed it again. But it also does not guarantee that it is not 100% copyrighted. So sometimes it still falls into the case of copyright infringement. Therefore, Olesport TV Live Football is not responsible for the copyright that users contribute to us.

Ole Sport TV Copyright Dispute Resolution

As mentioned above, Olesport TV always complies with copyright laws. So, if you find any content on our website infringing copyright. You can immediately contact Olesport.TV for us to check. If we violate the copyright of a third party, we will remove it immediately. Of course, if it causes economic damage, Olesport TV Live Football will also have reasonable compensation.

Conversely, if content copyrighted by Olesport.TV is taken by other football sites. We will also contact you to find a settlement between the parties. If not removed, Ole Sport TV will report the copyright as well as seek legal intervention.

When using the services of OlesportTV, users must also comply with our copyright policy. Specifically as follows:

  • Users may not post content not owned by yourself, infringing content on our website. Therefore, before posting any content, users should also check the copyright again
  • Users also absolutely do not take content from Olesport TV to post to other platforms without our permission. Otherwise, we will report copyright or seek legal intervention.

Olesport.TV owns the copyright to which football tournaments?

Ole Sport TV is rated as the leading football live website today. As we own the rights to many of the major tournaments around the world. For everyone to be able to follow the most exciting matches when accessing here. Currently, Olesport TV owns the rights to the following tournaments:

Premier League

The Premier League is the most attractive football tournament on the planet at the moment. Therefore, the number of people watching this award in the world is huge.. Knowing this, Olesport TV decided to spend money to buy English football rights. For everyone to be able to watch live matches here in the highest quality.

When you go to Ole Sports TV, you can watch any English football match you like. Because all 38 rounds are fully broadcast by us. In which the big matches of the top teams, such as Man United, Chelsea, Man City,.. are always given priority.

UEFA Champion League

Currently, buying the C1 Cup copyright is very difficult and complicated. But don't worry, because to get the matches here you just need to visit Olesport.TV. Because we are one of the rare websites that can buy the rights to this tournament.

Therefore, just go to Olesport TV Live Football, you can watch all the matches in the C1 Cup. From football matches at the group stage to the final with ease. Because Olesport.TV broadcast is copyrighted. So the quality in the game is also extremely high.

Serie A

Italian football is also quite popular in the world at the moment. Therefore, Olesport.TV also buys the rights to this tournament for everyone to enjoy the matches they like. Therefore, if you are a fan of Serie A, this is the address that you must not miss.

Ole Sport TV is currently broadcasting all Serie A matches live every time the matches here take place. Of course, the link will be updated soon for you to access and there will be no link with malicious code or viruses.

La Liga

La Liga is one of the most attractive football tournaments in Europe. Therefore, for a leading football live site like Olesport.TV, the copyright of this tournament is also fully purchased. For everyone to be able to watch La Liga matches for free when accessing here.

When watching La Liga matches at Ole Sport TV, you will feel the same quality as on TV. In addition, the transmission is also extremely stable and smooth. It helps you not to experience problems such as lag, jerky or freeze.


Another football tournament that we also bought the full rights to. That is the Bundesliga, the top football league in Germany today. So, if you are a fan of German football, you should visit here to enjoy Bundesliga matches in the highest quality.

Ligue 1

Ligue 1 in recent years has raised its level a lot. When so many top players come to play in this football tournament. Therefore, the number of people watching Ligue 1 in the world has also increased dramatically. Therefore, Olesport TV has also bought the Ligue 1 copyright for everyone to watch for free.

When you come here, you can follow any football match in Ligue 1 that you want. Of course the quality is also extremely high, because Olesport TV Live Soccer is fully licensed. So from picture, sound to speed are all extremely good.

Other soccer leagues

In addition to the current 6 biggest football tournaments in the world, which Olesport TV Live Soccer has bought the copyright as mentioned above. We also spend a lot of money to buy other tournaments, from tournaments in Europe, in the region as well as in the country. In particular, the tournaments that the English, Spainish... team participates in are also full. Makes it super easy to find and watch the matches you like.

The above is the website's copyright policy Olesport.TV. As can be seen, we always respect the copyright law extremely highly. In addition, Olesport TV Live Soccer did not regret buying the rights to many major football tournaments. For everyone to be able to watch the most exciting matches live for free when accessing here. Therefore, if you want to watch copyrighted football live with high quality. Then visit here immediately.