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Learn about quick free kick rule in football  in detail

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 19:43

Want to know how the quick free kick rule is? Apply in any cases, then immediately read the article below. Because the Olesport TV website will answer it fully and in detail.

What is a quick free kick rule?

According to free kick rules soccer, a player will be fouled in the following situations. The referee will grant the other team the right to a quick free kick.

  • Player tries to stop the opponent's player in a fast ball situation
  • Player attempted to kick or kicked the opponent's player
  • Player rams, pushes, or intentionally attacks an opponent's player
  • The player has the urge to jump on the opponent's player
  • Player uses violent actions such as hitting, punching, elbowing, etc., at the opponent's player
  • Player pulls opponent's shirt
  • Player intentionally spits, spits or spits at an opposing player
  • The player intentionally touches the ball with his hand (of course, the case in the penalty area will not be counted).

Player intentionally fouled

Quick free kick rule like?

When watching live football at Olesport TV. You will see there are situations where players kick fast. Those situations are determined by the referee as follows:

  • The main place of foul is where the ball is placed
  • The fouling player's team has the right to set up a barrier. The distance between the fence and the free kick point is at least 9.15m. Fence setting time will be decided by the referee. If the fouled players intentionally delay the time, the referee will penalize depending on the severity
  • If the spot of the free kick is near the 16m50 line, the referee will always give more time to set up the barrier. The distance between the fence and the goal will be determined to be 1/3 of the distance from the free kick point to the goal
  • When the referee blows the free kick, the player has the right to take his own free kick. Of course, players of your team must not stand in front of the ball within a distance of 3m. In case of violation, the referee can issue a sanction decision
  • If the player taking the free kick touches the hand of the fence or any other opponent's player. At this time, you will continue to receive 1 more free kick
  • Especially, if after a free kick the ball touches the opponent's hand in the penalty area. At this time, the team taking the free kick will receive a penalty.

So through this article, Ole Sport TV answered to tell you what the quick free kick rule is? How it is specified is quite detailed and complete. For you to understand more about this type of penalty kick when watching football.

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