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The world's most famous soccer players with ponytails

Thu, 30/05/2024 - 12:48

In addition to football talent, many players, thanks to their appearance, are quite prominent on the field. In which soccer players with ponytails always leave an impression on fans. In this article, Olesport Live will list the most famous players with ponytails in the world.

The most famous soccer players with ponytails

Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio is the most famous ponytail player in the world. Because just mentioning the ponytail, fans will think of the day of the Italian player. It is known that Roberto Baggio was born in 1967, famous for his good personal technique and creative play.

When he was playing at his peak, Roberto Baggio always made the opponent's defenders have a hard time with him. During his career, Roberto Baggio also achieved many titles, from individual to collective.

Emmanuel Petit

Emmanuel Petit was also one of the top midfielders in the world while playing. When he was at his peak, Emmanuel Petit played for many top teams such as Chelsea, Barcelona, Arsenal, .. and in the French team, this midfielder also always had a starting position.

Emmanuel Petit

Not only has a tall appearance, Emmanuel Petit also attracts attention with his characteristic golden ponytail. Accompanied by that is a quite fiery, decisive but not less technical style.

Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is also one of the most famous soccer players with ponytails in the world. As a football lover, you must know Francesco Totti. The player was dubbed the "prince of Rome", when he devoted his entire career to the Italian capital team.

Not only has a romantic ponytail, Francesco Totti is also an extremely excellent midfielder. By owning a fairly high technical background. As well as having the ability to pass the ball, finish or create mutations at the highest level.

David Seaman

David Seaman was one of the top goalkeepers in England as well as Arsenal football club while playing. Because this goalkeeper has more than 20 years of football career. But mostly playing for Arsenal football club, as well as winning a lot of titles with this team.

David Seaman

In addition to great reflexes, accurate judgment for unbelievable saves. David Seaman is also famous on the field with his signature ponytail.

David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the most handsome players in the world, playing until now. With a dashing look, the English player has had many hairstyles during his career. One of them is sharpening a pretty ponytail.

That's why, when it comes to famous soccer players with ponytails, David Beckham is indispensable. Not only has a handsome appearance, but on the football field, David Beckham is also quite talented. When this winger has always had melancholy hanging lines, free kicks with unbelievable trajectory.


The last name on Ole Sport TV's list of famous ponytail players is Ronaldinho. For football lovers, the name Ronaldinho is extremely familiar. Because this player is likened to a football wizard, with skillful dribbling techniques.

During his career, Ronaldinho played for many big football clubs and was an integral part of the Brazilian team. The number of titles that Ronaldinho has is also quite massive, from individual to collective. The most typical is the title of the golden ball in 2005.

Through this article, we have let you know the most famous soccer players with ponytails in the world today. It can be seen that these players not only look quite outstanding. But also has excellent playing skills, when everyone is the best in their position.

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