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What is tiki taka? What you need to know about this tactic

Thu, 30/11/2023 - 21:11

In football there are many different tactics, of which tiki taka is probably the most famous. So what is tiki taka? How is this tactic used? For details, please see the full article below.

What is tiki taka?

Tiki taka is also known by many as tiqui – taca. This is a very famous football tactic. Tiki taka is compounded by 2 separate meanings, that is:

  • Tiki: Pass
  • Taka: Run

Based on the above meaning, you probably already know that this tactic is where players mainly make passes and runs. This strategy is extremely focused on controlling the ball, it can be said that the ball is always in the feet of the players of your team. In addition, the players also have to move constantly to distance the opposing team. Then rely on short coordinated situations to get the ball in front of the opponent's goal.

This tactic helps the team control the ball better

It can be said that, tiki taka football has a very competitive style. beautiful period. When the players on the field will make short coordinated lines. Make it impossible for the opponent to get the ball, then from the poke or pass to bring the ball closer to the opponent's goal.

Where did Tiki taka come from?

For more info what is tiki taka? We'll tell you under what circumstances this tactic came about. Tiki taka was born in a very special circumstance. Because the creator of this strategy is not a football coach, player or expert. It's a sports journalist named Andres Montes. This later became quite popular and coaches also relied on it to create tiki taka football.

The first trainer to use tiki taka was Luis Aragones. When he applied this tactic to the Spanish team in the World Cup or Euro. But the person who really brought tiki taka to the top was Pep Guardiola.

From 2008 to 2012, when leading Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola brought tiki taka to the top. When he and his team won all the highest honors at the club level. At that time, Barcelona with tiki taka was seen as an unbeatable team.

Barcelona is the most successful team using tiki taka

In particular, with names that later became legends of world football such as Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Messi, .. Barça almost became famous. terror of all the teams in Europe at that time.

In addition, with the Barcelona frame, the Spanish team also applied this strategy extremely successfully. When Spain spent 2 Euros and 1 World Cup thanks to tiki taka.

Tiki taka is a tactic that neutralizes both efficiency and beauty. When Barca used to make their opponents extremely inhibited by not being able to touch the ball. In addition, when you have stretched the opponent's squad. Then just a poke phase or a combination, the ball will be brought to the opponent's goal immediately.

Requirements when using tiki taca foot ball

Once you know what is tiki taka? You can see that this soccer tactic is extremely effective. However, not every team can apply. Because to apply tiki taka well, the team must have the following:

  • In the squad there must be players who are extremely understanding, like Barca, all the players have played together since childhood . So when watching live football matches of Barca at that time, you will see that the players almost have a connection with each other without communication
  • Players must be active in movement and have good tactical vision
  • To use tiki taka effectively, the midfield must have real bosses. As in the days of Barcelona at the top of glory, this team has two top-class midfielders, Inresta and Xavi. For the best ball distribution and regulation

So with the above article, Ole Sport TV told you what is tiki taka? Also who was the first person to create tiki taka football? In addition, you also know the factors to apply this football strategy effectively.

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