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What is Scudetto? Interesting things about this football tournament

Thu, 21/09/2023 - 21:46

Watch football a lot, but not sure you know what is Scudetto? If that's the case, then check out our full article. Because Ole Sport TV will answer for you what does Scudetto mean details. As well as sharing interesting things about this tournament.

What is Scudetto?

When reading the news or watching live Italian football, you've certainly heard the word Scudetto. So what does Scudetto mean? It means "little shield" in Italian. This is the title of Serie A champion, the top football league in Italy. Where all the top Italian clubs want to step up to the throne every season.

Scudetto's shield emblem

The Italian football league is called Serie A and the championship will be called the Scudetto. Currently, Serie A has 20 top Italian clubs playing each season. This is also the most competitive football tournament in the world. So in order to win the Scudetto, the clubs must play their best.

Scudetto's history?

Above we told you what is Scudetto? As well as share what does Scudetto mean? Next, you will learn about the history of the formation of the Scudetto. The Serie A football league was first introduced by the Italian Football Federation in 1924. During the first season, the winning team would wear a Scudetto shirt and a small shield on their left chest. Since then, the Scudetto has been a symbol of the winner in all sports in Italy, but the most popular is still football.

Ronaldo wins Serie A title

The small shield icon for the champion team has three main colors: red, green and white. In addition, the outside of the shield will have a yellow border to help the shield become more prominent. This is also an extremely noble symbol of the country in the shape of a boot, dedicated to the Serie A champions.

Interesting information about the Serie A tournament

By the time you've read this far, you probably already know what is Scudetto ? Here, Olesport TV will tell you interesting information about this top football tournament in the world:< /span>

  • The team that won the most Scudettos is Juventus with 36 times
  • The player with the most appearances in Serie A is Gianluigi Buffon with 648 appearances
  • The top scorer in tournament history is Silvio Piola with 274 goals in 537 appearances< /li>
  • The team that has participated in the most Serie A seasons is Inter Milan with 88 times
  • Gianluigi Buffon is also the winner of the most Scudetto with 8 times
  • Marco Ballotta is the oldest player to play in Serie A at 44 years and 38 days
  • Amedeo Amadei is the youngest player to play in Serie A at just 15 years and 9 months 

Through what Ole Sport TV shared here, I'm sure you already know what is Scudetto? As well as understanding what does Scudetto mean? And consult a lot of interesting information about one of the top football leagues in the world today.

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