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What is pressing? Some of the most popular pressing kicks today

Thu, 08/12/2022 - 02:18

In football there are many different tactics that coaches can apply to their team. At the moment pressing is the most favorite strategy of many coaches. So what is pressing in football? What pressing kicks are there? In this article Olesport TV Live Soccer will tell you the answer.

What is pressing?

Pressing is a very old football tactic. With this tactic, the players have to move constantly to get close to the opposing player to win the ball back. Then deploy the appropriate attack plan.

Currently the pressing strategy is being applied by many top football coaches. Because it is extremely effective. In addition to making the opponent unable to coordinate according to his will. This tactic also opens up a lot of opportunities for quick counterattacks.

The most popular pressing styles today

Let me know what is pressing in football? Olesport.TV also introduces the most popular pressing styles at the moment. Specifically:

  • High Pressing: This is a way to press close to the opponent's home field, making it impossible for the opponent to deploy the ball up. upline
  • Mid-range Pressing: This is a fiercely close kick in the middle of the field, to grab the ball and deploy attacks
  • Low-range Pressing: This kick will put pressure in your own half and is often used by the bottom teams
  • Pressing area: Apply pressure in a certain area, for example at the edge, corner,,…


Depending on the strength, formation,.., the coaches will deploy the most suitable pressing kick for their team.

Advantages and disadvantages of what is pressing?

Advantages of pressing tactics

  • Applies extremely well to the opponent, making it impossible for the opponent to deploy his kick
  • Defend from a distance, help relieve pressure on defensive players
  • Anti-long transfer is extremely effective, because when you immediately pressurize your team players you will not be able to make long passes exactly
  • Organizes a very quick counter-attack, because it can steal the ball in the middle or in the opponent's court


Disadvantage of pressing tactics

  • Makes the players' fitness consume quite quickly, because they have to work continuously. Therefore, players with weak physical strength will be extremely weak in the last minutes
  • If the opponent is able to escape pressing, the ability to counterattack is extremely fast
  • Requires the players to keep an extremely good position, because all the players are constantly active on the field, so it is easy to appear show space.

Above, Ole Sport TV told you what is pressing in detail. In addition, it also shares popular pressing styles. As well as share the pros and cons of this tactic. Helps you to understand the pressing strategy in your hand quite fully and accurately.

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