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What is offside? What is an offside in soccer

Sun, 03/03/2024 - 13:15

For those of you who are new to football, you will definitely wonder about offside. So what is offside? In what situation will the bridge fall into an offside position? In this article, we will tell you the most correct answer.

What is offside?

Offside is simply an error in football matches. Arguably this is the most difficult error to explain. When players fall into an offside position and score, the goal will be disallowed. Of course, the person who catches the offside will act as the line referees.

Currently as technology develops, football has been applied VAR. So the referees can review the video to make the most accurate decisions to catch offside. However, for areas or tournaments that do not apply VAR, there are often situations where the referee is caught offside.

When a player falls into the position as follows, it will be considered offside:

  • Player stands in front of the opponent's defense before the ball is passed
  • Player stands in the direction of your team's goal
  • There are less than 2 players in the center of the player 

Player A is in an offside position

When players fall into the above position, an offside foul is committed. Of course, even if you can put the ball into the opponent's net at this time, it will not be recognized.

What is an offside in soccer ?

Above Ole Sport TV told you what is offside? However, if a player is caught offside but does not participate in the ball, he will not be penalized. At this point, if your teammates put the ball into the net, the goal will still be recognized.

To know if a player is involved in the ball, the referee will base it as follows:

  • Player touches the ball and engages in attack
  • Player obstructs your team's players
  • The player intentionally took advantage when he was in an offside position

In addition, if a player is in an offside position but still has the right to touch the ball without penalty in the following situations:

  • Throwing border
  • Corner
  • Goal kicks off

The player in the white shirt was in an offside position

When did the offside rule exist?

For more information what is offside? Olesport TV will tell you when the offside rule was in place. According to research, the offside rule was born in the 18th century, when English schools started playing football. It is known that the offside rule when it was first introduced for 11-person, 7-person or 5-player courts was extremely strict compared to the current one.

Up to now, FIFA has improved a lot so that this rule can be applied to football matches easily. Specifically, FIFA's changes to the offside rule are as follows:

  • In 1848: The offside rule was fully established, however, there must be at least 4 opposing player in the back
  • Year 1866: This year FIFA reduced the number of opposing players standing behind to 3 players< /span>
  • In 1925: FIFA reduced the number of players behind to 2
  • 2005: The offside rule was changed, when a player in an offside position could make a save a return pass from a player that changes direction or blocks the opponent's line of sight
  • Year 2013: This is currently the latest offside rule, where players can still block passes. about the opponent. However, do not obstruct the team's players.

Through this article, you probably know what is offside? As well as what is an offside in soccer in the most detail. So that when watching football live, you will know if a player is in an offside position or not.

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