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What is Hala Madrid? Origin and meaning 

Thu, 08/12/2022 - 03:53

Real Madrid is considered the greatest football team of the twentieth century, with unprecedented achievements. Referring to this club, many fans will immediately think of Hala Madrid. So what is Hala Madrid? Where does the origin and meaning come from? Check out the full article below by Olesport.TV, if you want detailed answers.

What is Hala Madrid?

Hala Madrid is a traditional song of Real Madrid football club, composed by musician Red One in 1952. It is known that Red One composed this song in 1 Random times sitting on the train to the city of Madrid. According to evaluation, this song has the traditional sound of Real Club in the 60s. Right from its debut, Hala Madrid has become the national anthem of Real Club, so all the fans of the team. These are all memorized and sung when cheering for the club.

Currently when Real Madrid Club plays anywhere, but especially at home. The fans, those who love this team all sing Hala Madrid in unison. To cheer for the players on the field to play better, to help achieve winning results.

Meaning of what is Hala Madrid?

For more what does hala madrid mean? You must grasp its meaning. Of course, it is no coincidence that Hala Madrid is taken by Real fans as the national anthem of the team. But because this song's lyrics are extremely meaningful, when you sing it, you will immediately think of the sublime moments on the pitch of Real. As well as the historic moments of the team in the times of winning the championship or winning.


In addition, the melody of Hala Madrid is also extremely heroic, making the players on the field full of confidence. In particular, when combined with musical instruments such as trumpets and drums, this song becomes even more eloquent. Let Real's players on the field be full of energy to fight for the colors of their flags.

What does White Vulture mean?

Also tell you what is Hala Madrid? Olesport TV Live Football also wants you to know about this team's nickname of the Vulture. Because Real Madrid has many different nicknames such as the Spanish royal team, the White Vulture, Los Blancos, .. In which the White Vulture is the most known to the fans.

It is known that Real Madrid is not suddenly nicknamed the White Vulture. This nickname comes from 5 mature players from the Castilla training academy: Emilio Butragueno, Michel, Martin Vazquez, Manuel Castilla, Miguel Pardeza.

Among the above players, Emilio Butragueno is considered a pompous, noble player with the nickname Vulture. Therefore, fans have taken the nickname of this player to name Real Madrid. The white color here is the main shirt of this club.

To the Spaniards, the Vulture also represents strength, wisdom and solidarity. It is this that has turned Real Madrid into an unstoppable force in the twentieth century. Thereby becoming the greatest football team of the twentieth century as voted by fans and experts alike.

By the time you finish reading the above article, you probably already know what is Hala Madrid? As well as the meaning and origin of this song. Plus, you also know why Real Madrid is nicknamed the White Vulture. It can be seen that Real is the greatest football club in the world whether in the past or present.

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