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What is Gooner? Why Arsenal fans are called Gooner

Thu, 08/12/2022 - 03:32

When you watch Arsenal matches, you're sure to hear commentators refer to the club as Gooner. However, you do not know what is Gooner? Because So, if you want to find the answer, this is the article you should read. Because we will give you the most complete and detailed answer.

What is Gooner?

For those of you who love football or watch football regularly, it's no stranger to Gooner. So what is a Gooner? Then this is the nickname of Arsenal club, one of the biggest football teams in England as well. like the world.

Arsenal is an English football club, headquartered in London. This team was founded in 1866, one of the oldest clubs in the foggy country. Originally, this club was called Woolwich Arsenal, but since 1913, it officially changed its name and kept only the Arsenal name.

Gooner is the nickname of Arsenal fans

Up to now, Arsenal has won a total of 13 Premier League titles. This is also one of the most successful teams in England, after only Man United and Liverpool. However, Arsenal's most regrettable thing is certainly the fact that they have not yet won a Champions League title in the club's history?

Why are Arsenal fans called Gooners?

Above Ole Sport TV told you what is Gooner? Next, we will explain why Arsenal fans have this nickname. Actually, the word Gooner in English is The Gunner, which means "armoury". Arsenal's players are known as "The Gunners", which means "gunner". That's why Arsenal fans are nicknamed Gooner.

This nickname was started in the 1970s - 1980s. When there was a London team, there was a group of extremely passionate fans nicknamed the Goon Squad. These are extremely overzealous fans with hooligan cheers. They also identify themselves as Gooners and are forever loyal to the team.

It was this group of passionate supporters that greatly influenced the majority of Arsenal fans. So when Goon Squad was disbanded, because of too violent reasons. Arsenal fans also keep this name until today.

Currently, many people confuse the two names, which are “The Gunners” and “Gonners”. Then "The Gunners" refers to players who play for Arsenal. And "The Gonners" refers to the fans of this team.

What does a true Gooner look like?

To keep telling you what is Gooner? Olesport TV will continue to tell you the characteristics of a true Gooner. Currently Arsenal is one of the clubs with the largest number of members in the world. Because this team has an extremely beautiful and attractive attacking style. Although the performance in recent seasons has not been very good.

A true Gooner is always loyal to the team

But this team still has a lot of loyal fans, always supporting the team at any time. The definition of a true Gooner will have the following characteristics:

  • They are huge fans of Arsenal FC, know all about the history and traditions of the club. Of course will always support Arsenal, no matter how the club plays
  • A true Gooner is someone who always stands by, cheers and supports the team in any situation
  • Even in the most difficult times of Arsenal, not winning any titles, the true Gooners still do not leave the team. ball.

Through the above article, Ole Sport TV has told you what is Gooner? As well as being a true Gooner. Hopefully through our sharing about what is a Gooner, you will find useful information for yourself.

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