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What is a penalty? Penalty kick rules in football like

Thu, 21/09/2023 - 21:41

In this article, you will learn what is a penalty? What is a death penalty? Help you understand the definition as well as the rules of penalty kick in football in the most accurate way.

What is a penalty?

Penalty is also known by many names like penalty kick or 11m free kick. This is an extremely common free kick in football. Penalty kick form is also quite simple, when the ball will be placed 11m in front of the goal. Then a player stepped up and kicked, in the goal when there was only one goalkeeper. All the remaining players of the two teams will be outside the penalty area.

The penalty kick is one of the easiest free kicks to score in football. Because at this moment, there is only one goalkeeper in front of the goal. In addition, the distance is only 11m, so the player can easily put the ball into the net.

Penalty is a form of free kick in football

Most people confuse the penalty kick and the penalty kick. But actually these two methods are completely different. For the 11m free kick, it occurs while the game is still in progress. Means when a player is fouled in the penalty area. The team that is fouled will be awarded an 11m kick.

It is different for penalty kicks, because it will be taken after the match has officially ended. However, the winning team could not be found. At this point, the two teams will have to fight to win or lose on penalties. Each team will be given 5 balls, if the team has more successes, will win. If the penalty shootout is the same, then each team will take 1 more kick in turn. Until a winning team is found.

The two methods are similar only in that they are implemented. When the ball will be placed in front of the goal exactly 11m for the player to perform. Like all other players, they have to stay outside the 16m50 circle.

When is the penalty kick?

When you see this, you probably already know what is a penalty? Then not every match has a penalty. But only when there are foul situations in the penalty area or a player of the home team lets the ball touch his hand in the penalty area. Only then will the referee have a basis to blow a penalty.

Of course there are matches where referees make mistakes. Means that the player does not commit a foul in the penalty area or the ball does not touch his hand. However, in the penalty shootout, this situation is also quite common. However, the current time has improved more than before, because the referee can use Var technology to review the situation and then make a decision.

The most popular ways to kick penaty today

In addition to telling you what is a penalty? We also share the most popular penalty kicks today. Which is used by teams a lot in football matches. Currently, when watching live football in high quality, you will often see the following 11m free kicks:

  • Regular penalty kick: This is the normal way a player would kick the ball into goal. If the ball crosses the line, it becomes a goal. And if the ball goes out or the goalkeeper saves it, there will be no goal.
  • Coordinated penalty kick: In addition to the usual way, players can coordinate with each other. When the player does it, he can pass it to another player to finish. Of course, to do this, the players had to calculate with each other before

There are 2 common forms of penalty kicks

What is a death penalty?

To keep telling you what is a penalty? We will tell you the most common penaty errors encountered today. Specifically:

    • If a team foul is awarded a penalty, if the player succeeds it will be recognized, otherwise it will be awarded. kick back
    • Fault on penalty kick team, if successful, it will not be recognized, will be indirect penalty at the point of foul
    • If both teams make a mistake, the 11m kick will be retaken
    • The penalty kicker who touches the ball twice in a row is fouled
    • If the goalkeeper stands on the goal line before the player touches the ball, there will be a foul.

Through this article, you probably know what is a penalty? What types of penalty kicks are there? As well as common errors in 11m kick situations. Hopefully with our sharing, you will find the information you are looking for.

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