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What is a hat-trick? What is a hat trick in soccer?

Thu, 30/11/2023 - 20:32

When watching live football or reading information, listening to comments, you must have heard of a hat-trick. However, you don't know what is a hat-trick? So if you want to find the most complete and accurate answer, then read this article to the end. Because we will explain it to you in the most complete and detailed way.

What is a hat-trick?

The word hat-trick first appeared in the 19th century in Cricket, not football as is commonly thought. Historically, the word was first used in 1858, when Cricket player Stephenson scored three consecutive serves.

Hat-tricks originated from Cricket

Since then, hat-tricks have been used for athletes who have scored 3 consecutive points or 3 goals in a match. However, at the present time, athletes do not need to score 3 points or 3 goals in a row, but just in 1 match is also considered a hat-trick.

What is a hat-trick in soccer?

As Olesport TV shared above, the hat-trick was first used in the Cricket kit. However, at present, this word is used quite a lot in the football kit. This is also quite understandable, because football is a king sport. Therefore, the number of viewers will be larger than many other sports. That's why most people hear about hat-tricks when watching news or live football.

In football, to get a hat-trick, a player must score 3 goals in 1 match. For a team to score 3 goals in a match is not an easy task. But all 3 goals scored by 1 player is even more difficult. So usually the player who scores 3 goals will be the best player in the match.

 Ronaldo is one of the players with the most hat-tricks

In addition to hat-trick, there are other words in football that define the number of goals scored by a player. For example, a double kick is a player who scores 2 goals or poker is a player who scores 4 goals in a match. As for when a player scores 5 or more goals, there is still no definition, because the number of people who can do this is extremely rare.

Through this article, Olesport TV has shown the most detailed and complete what a hat-trick in soccer. In addition, you also know about double kick and poker, so you can see how the players who score 2 or more goals will be called. Hopefully, when you finish reading the article, you will find useful information for yourself.

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