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What is El Clasico? Interesting information about this classic football match

Sun, 29/01/2023 - 03:38

In football there are many terms that not everyone knows. In which “El Clasico” is mentioned quite a lot. So what is El Clasico? What does this term refer to? In this article, we will explain it to you in the most complete and detailed way.

What is El Clasico?

El Clasico translates as super classic, this is a term used to describe a football match. That match is between the two top clubs of Spanish football as well as the world. Those two teams are Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have been the two strongest clubs in Spain and the world for many decades. In addition, these two clubs also have a lot of enmity with each other in the past. While Real Madrid represents the Spanish aristocracy, Barca represents the working class. Therefore, when the match between these two clubs takes place, it always attracts the attention of many football fans.

Super classic match between Real vs Barca

When El Clasico happens, it's almost as if this team wants to win. So in the match, there will be many situations of collision, helping the players of the two clubs. Especially in recent years, the two teams also own a squad full of top football superstars in the world. So it can be said that this is a great battle between the best players in football. This gives fans an extremely eye-catching match.

Interesting facts about El Clasico

Above, Olesport.TV told you what is El Clasico? It can be said that this is a match that no football fan can afford to miss. However, to see why the two teams have such a feud, we will share some interesting information about this match. Specifically:

  • Before the current rivalry, in the period from 1900 to 1916 the two teams had a pretty good relationship. It can be said that in this period, the matches of the two teams are only friendly
  • The feud between the two top Spanish teams began in 1916. When in the final of the King's Cup, both teams to draw in the first leg, second leg and also extra time. Therefore, the two teams must play one more Play-Off match to decide the winner. In this match, Real Madrid was the winning club. However, Barcelona was not impressed, because this team thought that Real had had the favor of the referee. This is the milestone for the hatred of the two teams to this day
  • Since the King's Cup final in 1916, since then both teams have competed against each other on all fronts. From the national championship, the European Cup to the transfer of players, .. Typically the transfer of "silver arrow" Alfredo Di Stefano in 1950. When before that, this player was transferred. to Barcelona. However, with his relationship, Real Madrid blatantly robbed. Especially the transfer of Luis Figo in 2000. When begged the Portuguese left the Camp Nou to move to Real Madrid. And every time Real made a guest at Barca, the Cule booed non-stop. In particular, they even threw a pig's head on the field to insult Luis Firgo's betrayal.
  • To tell you more what is El Clasico? We will tell you about the best player in the history of this match. According to statistics, Leo Messi is currently the greatest player in El Clasico matches. When the Argentine player is the striker with the most goals in this super classic match. In addition, the player who used to wear the number 10 shirt of Barca has had super performances. To help the Camp Nou team destroy Real Madrid at home with an extremely bold score.
  • What is the El Clasico? Currently, this game is not as exciting as before. Because the two top superstars in the world, Messi and Ronaldo, have left Barca and Real. In addition, Barcelona is having to rebuild the squad. After their golden generation was no longer in the same form as before. Therefore, in the future, fans are wanting both teams to invest in the lineup. To offer viewers the extremely attractive and eye-catching El Clasico matches in the past.

Messi is the greatest player in El Clasico

Above, we explained to you what is El Clasico? As well as explaining why Real Madrid and Barcelona have such great enmity and enmity. Hopefully after reading the full explanation of what is the El Clasico as above. You will find useful information for you.

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