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What is the offside rule? How is offside determined?

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 18:33

Watching football for a long time, but not sure if you already know what the offside rule is? If that's the case, don't skip this article. Because Olesport TV will answer you in detail and accurately.

What is the offside rule?

Offside is one of the basic errors in football. However, it is basic, but it is very difficult to define. Because whether or not to recognize offside often depends on the line referee. Currently, when VAR technology is applied, the detection of offside is also more accurate than before.

According to regulations, to determine offside in football, the following conditions must be met:

  • Player must stand in the opponent's half of the field
  • Have at least 2 opposing players stand between their own player and the goal line
  • The offside player engages in attack
  • The offside player joins the ball

The player in the red shirt was in an offside position

In the first 3 situations, the goalkeeper is still counted as a player of the opposing team. Although the goalkeeper is the lowest player in the squad. However, in any given moment, the goalkeeper does not necessarily count as one of the last two players.

A player in an offside position is only penalized if he touches the ball or the referee determines that he was involved in the ball situation as:

  • Join the ball directly
  • Blocking or blocking an opponent in a ball situation.

How to punish the offside rule in soccer?

All offsides are penalized, when involved in ball play. The free kick will be the line referee by waving the offside flag. After the offside flag is raised, the ball on the field will stop immediately. The opponent will then receive a free kick from the offside position.

If the referee waves the offside flag but the players on the field do not hear and score a goal into the net. At this point, the goal will not be recognized. As well as the opponent will be awarded 1 kick up from the offside position.

No offside

According to the rules, a player who is in an offside position but does not participate in the ball situation will not be penalized. Or that player falls into one of the following three cases:

  • Receive the ball from a tee-ball 
  • Receive the ball from a throw-in
  • Receive the ball from a corner

The player in the blue shirt is not offside

How to clear the offside trap?

Not just telling you what the offside rule in soccer is? And we also shared a very useful way to break the offside trap. Breaking the offside trap is simply a player standing above the opponent's defender over the touchline. Next, as soon as the players below pass the ball up, they will use speed to pass the opponent's defender.

To break the offside trap successfully, a player must have 2 factors. That is the speed as well as the sensitivity in situations standing on the opponent's defender. Currently, there are two main ways to break the offside trap:

  • Option 1: The attacker will stand in front of the opponent's defender as well as observe his teammates. When a teammate passes the ball, he will use his speed to pass the opponent's defender
  • Option 2: The player will stand behind the opposing defender, to make the opponent unable to concentrate. Then, before his teammates pass the ball, he will move down to break the offside trap and then use the speed to pass the opponent's defender as the first way.

Through this article, Ole Sport TV told you what the offside rule is? What is the penalty for offside? As well as how to break the offside trap the easiest way. Hopefully, when you finish reading the article, you will find the information you are looking for.

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