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Teams that won the treble in European football history

Thu, 30/05/2024 - 13:27

In the history of football so far, only the 7 team in Europe has won the title of "triple top". So which football clubs are the treble winning teams and when? In this article, will tell you the correct answer.

Teams that won the treble in football history

How many teams have won the treble? This is definitely a question that many of you ask. According to statistics, there are currently 7 teams in Europe that have won the treble, namely:

Celtic (Scotland) - 1966/67

Celtic is the first football club in Europe to win the historic treble. Specifically, in the 1966/67 season, the football club from Scotland won all four of the highest honors, including the C1 Cup, League Cup, Scottish Cup, Scottish National Championship.

Ajax (Netherlands) - 1971/72

The next team to reach the historic treble is Ajax, the leading football club in the Netherlands. Entering the 1971/72 season, under the leadership of the legendary Johan Cruyff, Ajax won the Dutch championship, the National Cup as well as the Champion League. It is known that in the final of the Champions League, Johan Cruyff scored twice to make Ajax the king of European football.

PSV (Netherlands) - 1987/88

PSV is also one of the teams that won the treble. When entering the 1987/88 season, that is, after 16 years, only a team won the treble. This comeback is a team from the Netherlands, none other than PSV. In this season, PSV under the guidance of Guus Hiddink and top players like Ronald Koeman, Eric Gerets. Created a historic season for the team from the Netherlands.

Man Utd (England) - 1998/99

How many teams have won the treble? As Ole Sport TV shared above, there are 7 teams. Some of them are Man United, when this is also the first English club to be adjusted to the present time. In the 1998/99 season, with his golden generation. Manchester United have canceled both the Premier League and the FA Cup. Plus, beat Bayern Munich in a frantic match at the Camp Nou. Thereby becoming the 4th football club to have a treble.

Barcelona (Spain) - 2008/09

Barcelona in the 2008/09 season was considered a team that could not accept defeat. When under the leadership of Pep Guardiola and an extremely strong team. FC Barcelona has become the 5th team to win the treble in history. When you become the champion of the Spanish football league, the Spanish Super Cup and the Champion League.

Inter Milan (Italy) - 2009/10

Inter Milan is also one of the teams that won the treble. When the Italian team played an impeccable season. When achieving both the Italian national championships, the Scudetto and the Champion League. This is also the first time that a team from Italy has done this.

Bayern Munich (Germany) - 2012/13

The 7th team with a treble in history is Bayern Munich in the 2012/13 season. At that time, under the guidance of Jupp Heynckes plus excellent players. FC Bayern Munich has won all the football tournaments that I attended.

Barcelona (Spain) - 2014/15

Up to now, only Barcelona is the club that has won the treble twice in football history. Entering the 2014/15 season, Barca once again got the treble. In that season, Barca had an extremely outstanding squad with top names like Messi, Neymar and Suarez. So it's not too surprising that the Catalan team won La Liga, the King's Cup and the Champions League.

So with Ole Sport TV's article above, you know how many teams have won the treble. Just like Barca is the only club among the teams that won the treble to have done this twice.

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