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How to kick the ball well for beginners

Thu, 30/05/2024 - 13:48

Not everyone is born with the gift of playing football. Instead, most of the best players in the world have worked hard. In this article, we will share how to kick the ball well for players. Which you should apply, if you want to play this sport better.

How to kick the ball well for beginners

Exercise and stretch before the competition

As you know, football is a sport that requires quite a lot of physical strength. Therefore, if you are not physically fit, you cannot play football well. Therefore, you need to practice to improve your physical strength. For example, practice jogging, skipping rope,..

In addition, before competing, you should also do stretching exercises. For example, running small steps, crunching to touch the toe of the shoe, .. Because this will avoid injury during competition.

Practice simple operations together

A journey always begins with small steps. Therefore, when you are new to playing football, you should familiarize yourself with simple ball manipulation techniques. Specifically:

  • To learn how to kick a soccer ball properly, you must first learn how to kick a soccer ball. To practice the new ball is also quite simple, you can stand in place and new the ball with your feet. The more you improve, the more your soccer skills will improve. To be more professional, you can find a wall and add a shadow to the wall. Then when the ball is thrown, you will control it and then melt into the wall again. By doing so, you will improve your ability to catch the ball more
  • Practice dribbling: How to kick the ball well, it's definitely learning how to dribble. Because when you watch football live, you can see that excellent players have the ability to dribble quite well. To practice dribbling is not too difficult, when you just need to find yourself a small playing field. Then proceed to dribble under your feet at will. Initially, you should only dribble at a slow speed, when you master it, increase your dribbling speed
  • Control the ball in different directions: Once you know how to dribble, you will proceed to control the ball at your own discretion. me. For example, you imagine the opponent's player in front of you. At this time, you dribble so that you can pass your opponent easily
  • Draw the ball around obstacles: To increase the difficulty, please put obstacles on the training ground. Then proceed to dribble over those obstacles like dribbling past your opponent.

Practice other skills

How to kick the ball well? According to the top football experts, you must practice the following skills:

  • Passing the ball: This is a basic skill that everyone who plays football must know. Because football is a team sport. So if you don't know how to coordinate, you can't win. To have good passing skills, you need to understand where your teammates will move. In addition, you should also watch your strength, so that the ball to your teammates is neither too far nor too close. At first, you should practice passing the short ball, then move on to the long pass
  • Score practice: If you play as a striker, scoring is the most important skill. Because if you don't know how to score, you can't become a striker. To score in any match, the first thing you need to do is choose a good position. The proof is that the top strikers in the world know how to choose the right position. In addition, you need to practice the ability to finish as well as header
  • Defensive practice: If you play in a defensive position, you must know how to stop the opponent's player. Specifically, you will steal the ball in the opponent's feet or put pressure, making your team's players unable to defend.

Improve your playing ability

Finally, let you know how to kick the ball well for players. The Olesport TV website will feature enhanced soccer capabilities.

  • Practice techniques through people: Currently, there are many techniques through people for you to practice. For example, turning the ball, turning the ball, turning the ball mpa,.. Each technique will have a different difficulty level, as well as depending on the situation you will use
  • Free kick practice: Free kick is also a skill that you should learn, if you want to improve your playing ability. Because if you take a good free kick, you can increase your scoring rate in fixed situations quite a lot.

So above, we have told you how to kick the ball well in detail for newbies. Just follow the steps above. Guaranteed, your football skills will be improved many times.

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