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What are football rules? Football rules that you must know

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 19:04

You want to learn what football rules are? What laws are there? Then don't skip this article. Because Olesport TV will give you the most detailed and accurate answer.

What are the football rules?

The rules of football are simply the set of rules used uniformly in football, whether on grass or on the beach. Of course, all countries or football championships in the world are subject to these regulations. Currently, football rules are officially administered by IFAB.

It is known that the rules of football were born in 1863 then revised in 1866 and have since been maintained by the IFAB. FIFA also applies these rules to all of its members. Of course, football associations can customize these rules to suit them better.

Basic football rules you should know

Currently, there are many different football rules that are regulated. But among them, there are basic rules that you should know. Specifically:

Football field

According to the regulations, the football field will be rectangular, in which the length is 105m and the width is 68m. The two longer limit lines are called the vertical boundary and the two shorter limit lines are called the horizontal boundary. In addition, the line that divides the pitch is called the midfield line.

Each team will defend half of the field and the opponent will defend the other half. In the middle of the field, you will see a circle, this is called the central circle. At the center of this circle will also be each team's serve when the game starts.


According to football rules, the ball must be spherical and made of leather or equivalent material. The ball will have 5 different sizes and are numbered from 1 to 5. In which, the ball with size 5 is the standard for use in professional matches.

Usually, the circumference of a size 5 ball ranges from 68 to 70cm and the weight from 410 to 450g. As well as the ball will be inflated with tension from 0.6 to 1.1.

Number of players

Depending on the tournament, the number of players may vary. But the official squad on the field only has 11 players, including 1 goalkeeper. When playing, each team can change at least 3 players, so there will be more players on the bench.

In addition, for friendly or young matches, the number of substitutes or substitutes can increase quite a lot.

Player equipment

When participating in professional football matches, players will be equipped with specialized shoes, socks and a pair of shin guards. Each team will have a different uniform, to distinguish their teammates or opponents on the field easily.

Before the game officially started, the referee also checked the equipment of the players. If a player does not meet the requirements, he will not be allowed to play.

Financial Referee

According to football rules, each football match will be supervised by a referee. This is also the highest authority on the field. It is the duty of the referee to make the match fair. So players or coaches can be fined, if they don't follow the referee's decisions.

Assistant Referee

In addition to the referee, there are also assistant referees, to help the referee do his or her job better. In which, there will be 2 border referees on both sides. The duty of the line referee is to observe the situations near the border as well as catch the position of the two teams.

Game Time

Each professional football match will usually have a total of 90 minutes and be divided into 2 halves. Each round will last 45 minutes. The rest period between each half in a match is 15 minutes. In addition, if the game is interrupted, the ball goes out of bounds, the referee will add extra time to play.

In knockout matches, if the two teams are tied in regular time, extra time will continue. There will be 2 extra periods and each half lasts 15 minutes. In addition, if in extra time, the two teams can't decide whether to win or lose, the 11m mark will be entered.

How to calculate goals

The way to calculate goals is also a football rule that you should know. Specifically, when the ball is passed over the goal line, it will be counted as a valid goal. In a match. In soccer, if the team that puts more balls into the opponent's goal will win. If the goal is equal, it's a draw and less than that will lose.

The above are the basic football rules that have been updated by Ole Sport TV for your reference. Thereby, you can understand the rules of king sport in detail.

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