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List of the fastest players in the world today

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 17:46

Speed is one of the extremely important factors of football players. Because when there is good speed, the player can overcome the opponent more easily. So who are the fastest players in world football at the moment? Right in the article below, Olesport TV will tell you the correct answer.

List of the fastest players in the world

1.Alphoso Davies - 36.51 km/h

First on the list of the fastest football players today is Alphoso Davies. When the speed measured in the fast phases of the Canadian player is up to 36.51 km / h. Thanks to the speed that is no different from an F1 racing car, Alphoso Davies has quickly risen to the top.

Alphoso Davies

Started as a player with the Vancouver Whitecaps in Canada, a country without a very developed football background. Alphoso Davies was discovered his talent before moving to Bayern in 2018. Currently, the Canadian player is also the mainstay of the German team.

2. Achraf Hakimi - 36.48 km/h

Second on the list of the fastest player in football is Achraf Hakimi. When this young Moroccan player has extremely fast acceleration phases. According to the data, the maximum speed that Achraf Hakimi achieved is up to 36.48 km / h.

Not only speed, Achraf Hakimi is also known as a quite versatile player. When he can play as both a winger and a full-back. This gives coaches more options when arranging Achraf Hakimi to play. Currently, Achraf Hakimi is on the payroll of PSG club and in the last 2022 World Cup, this player also had quite bright performances.

3. Kylian Mbappe - 36.1 km/h

It is not surprising to say that Kylian Mbappe is one of the best strikers in the world at the moment. As well as being the next player who could win the Ballon d'Or after the era of Messi and Ronaldo.

In Kylian Mbappe, we see a true F1 car in attack. When this player was born in 98, there are extremely terrible sprints. In which the maximum speed due to is up to 36.1 km / h. Thanks to this speed, Kylian Mbappe has many times easily overcome the opponent's defenders.

Kylian Mbappe

Not only the speed but also Kylian Mbappe's finishing ability or technique is extremely high. This was proven in the last 2022 World Cup. When the striker is on the payroll of PSG, he has 8 goals and becomes the top scorer of the tournament.

4. Erling Haaland – 36 km/h

Another super striker on the list of the fastest player in football, is none other than Erling Haaland. With a protective body plus agile speed, Erling Haaland is making all teams in the Premier League feel extremely tired when confronting.

It is known that the maximum speed measured in the sprints of the Norwegian player is up to 36 km / h. An extremely terrible number for a player playing in the position of a striker. Not only has speed, Erling Haaland can also finish with 2 feet like 1, head quite well. Therefore, experts say that Erling Haaland is the player who can compete with Kylian Mbappe in the future.

5. Adama Traore – 35.32 km/h

Next, Olesport TV also introduced a player whose speed is also quite superior to the rest of the world. That is Adama Traore, a player on the payroll of the Wolverhampton Wanderers club. Adama Traore owns a body like an athlete plus extremely fast speed, sometimes up to 35.32 km / h. Therefore, accompanying this player is always a difficulty for defenders in the Premier League.

However, despite his fast pace and well-proportioned body, Adama Traore has average technique and finishing ability. It is this that has made Adama Traore rise to become a top football player. But only play at mid-range football clubs.

Through this article, OlesportTV has shown you the list of the fastest players in the world today. As can be seen, most of this list is the top players in the world today. This shows that speed is an extremely important factor for football players.

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