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Top biggest soccer field today with extremely large capacity

Sun, 29/01/2023 - 02:48

In this article, Olesport TV will list the biggest soccer field present. For you to know how many seats the biggest soccer stadium in the world has? As well as which football clubs have the biggest stadiums.

Top biggest soccer field

Rungrado 1/5 football field

Currently, Rungrado 1/5 is the largest football field in the world today. It is known that this football field is currently in North Korea, a country with an average football background. According to the announcement, the Rungrado 1/5 stadium has a capacity of up to 150,000 seats. However, in reality, this stadium can only hold about 114 thousand people. But with such a capacity, it is enough for Rungrado 1/5 to become the largest stadium in the world.

Rungrado Stadium 1/5 (North Korea)

Rungrado 1/5 was inaugurated and put into use in 1989. This is the stadium that hosts the annual Arirang Sports Festival, a major gymnastics competition. current world. Despite its huge capacity, Rungrado 1/5 is not organized to host top football matches. Because this country is currently isolated by other countries.

AT&T Stadium

AT&T is also one of the biggest soccer field, when can accommodate up to 105 thousand people. It is known that this is the home ground of the famous Dallas Cowboys rugby team in the US. In particular, AT&T also has a ring roof to be able to compete in bad weather conditions. In addition, in the middle of the yard hangs the largest TV screen in the world. So that everyone can watch live matches held on the field in the best way.

More than just a venue for top rugby games, AT&T is a venue for contemporary art collections. Helping art and sports lovers see the best works.

Melbourne Cricket Stadium

Cricket Melbourne is currently in the top 3 biggest soccer stadium in the world with a capacity of over 100,000 people. Originally, the Melbourne Cricket was the stadium that hosted cricket matches in Australia. Until later, Melbourne Cricket was used to host football matches as well as other sports.

Melbourne Cricket Stadium

Cricket Melbourne is also the first stadium in Australia to host a FIFA-approved international match. That is the match between Australia and Iran in the Asian World Cup qualifiers. In particular, this stadium also regularly organizes tour matches of top football clubs such as Man United, Juventus, etc. So in Australia, Cricket Melbourne also has another name, "The G".

Camp Nou Football Stadium

Next in the top biggest soccer field is Camp Nou, the pitch home of FC Barcelona. Currently, Camp Nou is the largest football field in Europe. When it can accommodate more than 99 thousand people at the same time.

Camp Nou Football Stadium

For those of you who love football, it is no stranger to FC Barcelona. When this team is one of the top clubs in the world. Camp Nou is the home ground of Barca, where matches of this team are held every week. In addition, this is also the stadium that hosts many other big football matches such as World Cup, Champion League final,,…

FNB Stadium (Soccer City)

The current FNB stadium is also in the top biggest soccer stadium in the world. It is known that this is also the largest stadium in Africa today. When having the capacity of nearly 95,000 people at the same time. This is also the home ground of Kaizer Chiefs FC, which is playing in the South African Premier League.FNB Stadium (Soccer City)

Historically FNB stadium has hosted many major football matches in Africa. In particular, this stadium once hosted the 2010 World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain. In terms of design, FNB has the shape of an African pot. Therefore, this football field is also known as "The Calabash".

Above, Ole Sport TVtold you the top biggest soccer field now. To help you grasp the world's largest stadium today. As well as know the capacity of these stadiums.

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