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Top best left-back in the world today

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 18:04

Left-back is an important position in football. Because the players playing in this position have to both defend and support the attack. Below, website Ole Sport TV will tell you the best left-backs in the world today as voted by experts.

The world's top best left-backs today

Joan Cancelo – Bayern Munich

Currently, when it comes to the world's top left-back, many people immediately think of Joan Cancelo. Because the Portuguese player is playing extremely stable and sure in the past time. Especially while playing at Man City, Joan Cancelo was turned into a real Full Back by Pep Guardiola.

However, when the form is high at Man City, Joan Cancelo has conflicts with the coach. Therefore, the Portuguese left-back had to switch to Bayern Munich. In Germany, Joan Cancelo did not take long to be in the official squad.

Alphonso Davies - Bayern Munich

Currently, Bayern Munich owns two of the best left-backs in the world today. When Alphonso Davies is also on the list of best left-back according to experts' votes. Although only 23  years old, in the past 3 seasons, Alphonso Davies has shown a lot.

Mentioning Alphonso Davies, fans will immediately think of a player with super speed. When the Canadian defender has a quick phase that is not inferior to these top wingers. Therefore, Alphonso Davies often rose to support the attack.

In addition to left-back, Alphonso Davies can also play on the right wing or as a winger, if the coach requires it. Of course, with the appearance of Joan Cancelo, Davies can play much wider.

José Gayà – Valencia

Next on the list of best left back fifa 22 is José Gayà. The player currently plays for Valencia club in Spain. In La Liga, José Gayà is considered the best left-back, surpassing the names of top clubs like Real or Barca. This shows how much professionals appreciate José Gayà.

With José Gayà in the squad, Valencia's left wing becomes much stronger. Not just in defensive situations. And in offensive situations, when José Gayà has quite a lot of physical resources to move continuously.

Mario Rui – Napoli

In the 2022/23 season, Mario Rui is the best left-back. When this player and Napoli club are flying high on the Serie A rankings as well as the Champions League. Mario Rui's contributions to Napoli are also quite important. Because he often attacks and defends very regularly in all matches.

Although 31 years old this year, this is undoubtedly Mario Rui's best season. So it is fully deserved when the Portuguese player enters the list of the best left-backs in the world today.

Luke Shaw – Man United

After quite a bit of injury, no one thought that Luke Shaw could come back and become the top left-back he is today. When the English player was voted as one of the best left back fifa 22. With brilliant form this season.

Watching Luke Shaw play, everyone will see a pretty solid full-back. As well as often have high ball phases to support the attacking player quite well. In particular, Luke Shaw also has the ability to cross the ball and finish is not inferior to a midfielder.

Through the above article, has told you the best left-backs in the world at the moment. When these players not only defend well but also attack well.

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