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The best goals of the top soccer players

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 18:14

In this article, let's review the best goals of the world's top soccer superstars with Ole Sport TV. Thereby admire the goals that are almost impossible to appear for the second time in the football world.

Messi best goals

During his digital career, superstar Leo Messi has scored countless beautiful goals. But the most typical must be mentioned in the match against Getafe on April 17, 2007. When Messi had a solo phase from the middle of the field, past many Getafe players and then put the ball into the net.

It is after this beautiful goal that football fans around the world must admit that Messi is the heir of the golden boy Maradona. Then for the rest of his career, Messi also showed how great he is.

Ronaldo best goals

Like Messi, Ronaldo is the greatest player that football has ever produced. Started his career in Lisbon, achieving success at both Man United, Real Madrid and Juventus. Wherever he goes, Ronaldo has his own noble titles.

In his entire career, Ronaldo has scored more than 700 goals, an extraordinary number. Among them are many masterpieces. But to evaluate the best goal, it is necessary to mention the "reverse bicycle" goal against Juventus in the quarter-finals of the C1 Cup in the 2017/18 season. When the Portuguese superstar reached 2m38 high. to "recline the table" to throw the net of Buffon.

Maradona best goals

Maradona is a football legend of the world that no one can deny. At his peak, the golden boy won brilliant achievements. When he won the World Cup with Argentina and turned Napoli into a force of Italian football.

After taking the ball from home, the golden boy single-handedly passed almost half of the England team before surging past the goal-scoring keeper to put Argentina ahead.

Pele best goals

Pele is the soccer player with the most goals, up to now. When during his career, the Brazilian legend managed to get more than 1000 goals. Among the many goals scored in a pretty way.

According to experts, the most beautiful goal scored by the king of football was the goal against Juventus in Santos' shirt. At any time, the king of football Pele was only 18 years old. According to the videotape, after receiving the ball from his teammates, Pele passed the ball 4 times through the opponent's defender and headed into the net.

Ronaldinho best goals

Ronaldinho is considered the magician of football. When you have superior technology. Therefore, the Brazilian striker has relied on his technique to score quite beautiful goals. Among them, the goal most people remember is the one in the match against Real Madrid in the 2005/06 season.

In that match, Ronaldinho gave a superb performance. Including a goal where the Brazilian player dribbled past defender Ramos with ease to beat Iker Casillas, causing the whole stadium to applaud him.

Neymar best goals

In recent years, Neymar is also considered the best player. When there are quite super performances and many different successes. However, one thing few people know is that, before going to Europe to play, Neymar scored a super product in Santos' shirt. That goal won that year's Puskas award.

In the situation leading up to the goal, Neymar and his teammates had a great coordination in the middle of the field. The Brazilian then had a solo in front of four defenders before putting the ball into the net. It was this goal that made the top European teams pay attention to this young talent.

Above, Olesport TV told you the best-goals Messi as well as other top players in the world. It can be seen that these are masterpieces that are almost impossible to reproduce twice. Of course there are countless other beautiful goals scored by top football superstars. But these are the most iconic goals ever.

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