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Thiago - The one who said no to MU
Thiago - The one who said no to MU
No Liverpool player has as long an injury history as Thiago. Even without exaggeration, the combined medical records of the entire Liverpool team at this time are not as thick as Thiago's husband alone (the specific list is at the end of the article).
Liverpool vs Everton: The Red Phoenix will continue to win all 3 points
Liverpool vs Everton: The Red Phoenix will continue to win all 3 points
The Kop needs 3 points to maintain a two-horse race with MC. Everton are thirsty for points to soon get rid of the group holding the red light, to stay relegated. Since both have specific goals and this is a DERBY match, its fierce nature is huge. Injury can happen and will affect the end goal of both. The Kop needs Caution when receiving neighbors to optimize 3 points and limit unfortunate injuries that may occur.
Being cornered, MU will rise strongly
Being cornered, MU will rise strongly
In the near future, Arsenal will host Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium, both teams are in a situation where they must win this match to realize their dreams. Both the Gunners and the Red Devils are determined to take 4th place to attend next year's Champions League without having to drink C2.
Liverpool 4-0 M.U: The level between the two teams is too different
Liverpool 4-0 M.U: The level between the two teams is too different
Part 1 of the most classic comedy of the football world season 2021-2022 premiered at the theater of Old Trafford nightmares at the end of October 2021, did not make any audience interested in the genre. disappointed in comedy. Part 2 of this classic comedy also ended with a score of 4-0 in favor of Liverpool. Now watching Liverpool play against MU is like a father playing with his son.
Diogo Jota - The mischievous dwarf with a golden head
Diogo Jota - The mischievous dwarf with a golden head
Diogo Jota is less than 1m8 tall, not exactly a dwarf, but cannot compare with the height of the big central defenders in the Premier League, his body is also much smaller, but he has very good goals with his head. Somehow, he always finds a way to wriggle between the towering central defenders of your team and choose a pole position or head to score, not giving the opposing goalkeeper a chance to block.
Salah vs Mane: The 2 best strikers in the world
Salah vs Mane: The 2 best strikers in the world
In just 2 months, Mane's Senegal has made Salah's Egypt hate in the two most important confrontations in 2022, namely: AFCON Africa Cup Final and 2022 World Cup Playoff.
Impressive numbers after the Liverpool 3-3 Benfica match
Impressive numbers after the Liverpool 3-3 Benfica match
If the world of players has two superheroes that are different from the rest of the world, Messi and Ronaldo, in the world of coaches there are Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, two expert strategists, two master coaches, and both colleagues, as well as rivals. Both compete fiercely and respect each other sincerely. Hero respects hero.
Why did Arsenal lose the last few matches?
Why did Arsenal lose the last few matches?
Arsenal's declining form in recent times has made many people bored. With 2 consecutive defeats against Crystal Palace and Brighton, the Gunners were surpassed by Tottenham and kicked out of the top 4. Now, Arteta's teachers and students need to strive and make more efforts if they want to win tickets to the Champions League League next season. Here are the reasons why Arsenal lost the match.
FA Cup semi-final: Will Man City beat Liverpool?
FA Cup semi-final: Will Man City beat Liverpool?
The competition between Man City vs Liver promises to be extremely attractive. Confrontation this time may not be the last match of this season, but this will be a match where the team must lose, not indecisive like the two matches in PR.
Man City and Atletico Madrid clash in the field, from the field to the tunnel
Man City and Atletico Madrid clash in the field, from the field to the tunnel
The competition between MC and ATM has ended, but it left many bad images with football fans around the world.

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