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Thiago - The one who said no to MU

Sun, 29/01/2023 - 02:12

No Liverpool player has as long an injury history as Thiago. Even without exaggeration, the combined medical records of the entire Liverpool team at this time are not as thick as Thiago's husband alone (the specific list is at the end of the article).

Thiago forever loves Liverpool

According to reviews from Olesport.TV, specifically, before coming to Anfield, the Spaniard had suffered a total of 30 large and small injuries during his career, with a total of 885 days of absence from competition and training, 134 matches to be missed. excluding the games on the bench in the club's shirt.

And as expected, Thiago continued to show Liverpool fans how excellent his hospitalisation is. After arriving at Anfield, he suffered four more serious injuries, missed training for another 160 days, and missed 37 more matches. That's not counting the 2 positives for the Chinese virus (with an extra 43 days off, 7 games out).

All in all, Thiago has suffered injuries and illnesses 36 times in his career, sitting for 1089 days and missing 178 matches in the club's shirt. That means Thiago has been playing professionally for 13 years, only 10 years to actually play.

It took so long to clarify one problem - that's why the Liverpool leadership was so hesitant, it took months to officially close the purchase of Thiago from Bayern in the summer of 2 years ago. This was clearly something they had anticipated.


Thiago - The one who said no to MU.

I still remember around this time last year, when Thiago was constantly injured and then came back and couldn't play as expected, quite a few Liv fans rushed to curse and disparage…. This is quite funny. Thiago is a rare case where Klopp and Michael Edwards please the fans, ie closing the transfer agreement after receiving a lot of pressure to buy immediately and buy immediately from the fans.

Looking at Man United, we can see how dangerous this trend is. Mark Comedy, Pogba, Sancho, Van De Beek, and even PR7 are the players bought by the MU leadership according to the wishes of the fans. What is the need, so is the use value. Marketing, selling shirts, doing colors is the main thing, not kicking and punching anything.

Liverpool is as strong as it is today thanks to the sobriety of the two bosses Klopp and Edwards, hardly following the media. From Diaz, Jota, Konate to Fabinho, Robertson, Salah, Matip… all came to Anfield quite quietly, and then exploded. As for the rumored types of Adama Traore, Ismaila Sarr, Koulibaly, Dybala, Werner... just for fun photoshop guys on the page and group only.

There are two factors to believe in Thiago, that he will not become a heavy media contract. Firstly, it is still the sanity of the two bosses Klopp – Edwards. It's useless to believe that no matter how much pressure the fans press, these two bosses don't like their stomachs.

Second, it was Thiago's will. He wants to come to Liverpool because of a real desire to conquer, not for salary, or for other marketing purposes.

Before coming to Anfield, Thiago's salary at Bayern was 10.7 million pounds, and in Liverpool it was 10.2 million pounds. The difference is not significant. But with players with only one year remaining on their contract like Thiago at that time, it was easy for him to get a contract with a salary of one and a half times, twice that of another club. Because when the teams reduce the cost of the transfer (because there is only 1 year of the contract left), the bribes and wages for players will increase. For example, Kroos - who moved to Real when he had 1 year left on his contract with Bayern, and his salary has tripled.

At Man United at the moment, there are 8 players who earn more than Thiago.

Somehow, Edwards was still able to deal less than 20 million pounds to bring Thiago to Anfield (while the real value, by Transfermarkt, he valued him at that time about 45 million pounds). And Thiago's salary did not increase. Perhaps because Thiago was too decisive, too eager to come to Liverpool, purely because of his purely football-colored conquest.

Because of that principle, Thiago boldly left Barca when he was 22 years old. Although for a long time, the Brazilian-born midfielder has been "planned" to replace Xavi and Initesta - who are more than ten years older than him. With his potential, Thiago is more than enough to become a legend at Camp Nou, and it will be much easier than going to Bayern - a German club with a strong style of play that is different from Barca.


No Liverpool player has as long an injury history as Thiago.

And because of that principle, Thiago again chose to go to Liverpool, pass up the opportunity to increase his salary at another club, or have a stable and peaceful career at Bayern.
On his conquest journey, Thiago went through 3 tactical lands, from tiki-taka to tiki-taka combining German pressing style (Bayern was then led by Guardiola), and now gegen- pressing combines British speed.

Let's try to trace back the history of football, we will see that it is very, very rare for players to want to upgrade the level of fierceness as they get older like Thiago. Thiago's compatriot Xabi Alonso took the opposite route, and was much smoother.

Thiago is certainly smart enough to understand the challenges he faces at Anfield. It's the place with the most physicality, the most speed in the world, and also the highest risk of injury in the world. Especially with the playmaker model, the ability to adapt is even more difficult, because this is a role related to the tactical structure, the player must be able to adapt in terms of physical strength, speed, technique and thinking. But Thiago remained adamant.

That will alone of Thiago, is very respectable. And of course talented people have determination and clear plans that rarely fail. Thiago at Liverpool at the moment cannot be said to be successful, but certainly not like Pogba of MU.

Along the way, it seems that at one point Thiago was approached by Marketing United (thanks, maybe that's why Liverpool decided to close this case quickly). But Thiago ignored it, because he wanted to compete and conquer, not earn a high salary, perform comedy, edit and color every week.

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