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New owner of Chelsea appeared to replace Abramovich

Sun, 03/03/2024 - 13:44

The new owner who will take over the Royal Cavalry is an American billionaire named Todd Boehly.

Chelsea's new owner is so cool

The Daily Mail reported the news on the evening of April 29 local time about the American tycoon Todd Boehly who will become the new owner of Chelsea club after defeating the richest billionaire in England in a bid that has Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

According to a source from Live Football, his replacement Roman Abramovich was favored to buy Chelsea club for 3.5 billion pounds.


New owner of Chelsea appeared to replace Abramovich.

Currently, the owner of the Boehly Group is taking the lead in the Chelsea club dispute after the Russian billionaire was forced to give up his role as the owner of "The Blue". On April 29, two American businessmen Steve Pagliuca and British billionaire Sir Martin Broughton had to stop in the battle for the right to buy Chelsea.

The British government has created favorable conditions for Raine Bank (USA) to manage the process of changing owners of the leading British club. The price for Todd Boehly to spend to get Chelsea is 3.5 billion (only 500 million higher than the price of 3 billion that Roman Abramovich once offered).

As expected, the American billionaire will take over The Blue after a week. If Todd Boehly has not been approved by the authorities in the following days, this will be an opportunity for the remaining 3 opponents.


The new owner who will take over the Royal Cavalry is an American billionaire named Todd Boehly.

Chelsea hope this May will welcome a new owner to prepare for the 2022 - 2023 season. Up to now, the Royal Cavalry has had up to 2 months without the owner when the Russian billionaire had to part ways with his team.

However, on social networking sites, many Chelsea fans vehemently protested.

Todd Boehly takes over one of the top three English football teams. Becoming the second Manchester United is unacceptable to the fans.

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