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How admirable is Roman Abramovich's successor?

Sun, 03/03/2024 - 11:39

After a difficult time, Chelsea club also revealed a new owner.

How rich is the new owner Chelsea?

According to the Daily Star page, will be the new owner of Stamford Bridge. In front of new strong candidate Sir Jim Ratcliffe, he won the bid to buy Chelsea. £3.5 billion will be the expected price for the transfer of ownership of the Royal Cavalry. According to information received, Ratcliffe has bid 4.25 billion pounds for this transfer.

According to sources from Olesport TV Live Football, going through a period of uncertainty, Boehle will be the new owner of The Blue. Compared to his old predecessor, does the American billionaire's fortune make Chelsea fans feel overwhelmed? According to Forbes, Boehle has a fortune of 3.5 billion pounds. His biggest source of income is through the investment of the company he owns. The billionaire from the United States is the founder and CEO of a private investment company called Eldridge Industries.


How admirable is Roman Abramovich's successor?

In addition, the billionaire is serving as the executive director of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Besides, he is the owner of 20% of the shares of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. In the future, he will have more opportunities and time to develop his career as well as increase his net worth. Currently, the assets he owns are still not equal to Abramovich.

The billionaire from the country of birch has a total net worth of up to 6.9 billion pounds. This is just an expected statistic from Forbes because his fortune is much larger than that. In the volatile political situation in Russia and Ukraine, his fortune has been reduced more or less. However, considering Boehle's current fortune, he still cannot match Mr. Abramovich.


After a difficult time, Chelsea club also revealed a new owner.

Chelsea is being restricted from operating because Abramovich is under sanctions from the British government. The transfer of ownership will help the embargo against The Blue be completely lifted.

Following in the footsteps of other European clubs, Chelsea will be the fourth member of the Big Six group owned by American tycoons, after Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Boehly's position is 637 on the list of the richest billionaires in the world. If he has Chelsea, his fortune will increase significantly.

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